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"Pradeepa is a fantastic coach. She listens and then has a way of making you feel comfortable to speak freely with trust. She provides input, thoughts, and helps take you to actionable next steps on goals or changes. She keeps you targeting outcomes so each session has clarity and we make progress. She is such a pleasure!" - Lisa S, Dallas, TX

 "Working with Pradeepa has been an excellent experience. After each session with her you feel more inspired to take action to meet your most important goals in life. She doesn't just offer advice, tools, resources, etc., but really tries to narrow in on the core of what has been holding you back and how you can shape your future goals. She works with you to really set specific and manageable goals so you can move quick and move with purpose. I definitely recommend her as a coach to anyone who is in need of guidance and someone to hold you accountable!" - Matt R, Pittsburgh, PA


"This lady is a one of a kind. She is excellent at what she does and you can count on her expert coaching. You cannot go wrong, she is the best!!!!" - Kent B, Jacksonville, FL

 "Pradeepa helped me prioritize what is important to me in my life and professionally. She guided me through different perspectives which I was not previously aware of. She also challenged and championed me to move away from my status quo and find my strengths to become a better person. Pradeepa has a very highly attuned intuition, she knows how to connect with people, and makes each coaching session an exciting experience." - Enric Lizondo, San Diego, CA


Lives Transformed

 "Pradeepa helped me un cover and understand emotions that in the past had only been fleeting thoughts.  Her visualizations gave me tools to explore these feelings and put words and concrete actions to my goals." - Colleen J, Denver, CO

"I was in a rough spot personally when Pradeepa offered to walk beside me in my journey as my coach. After using traditional counseling many times, I needed something different to get myself "unstuck". She was all that and more.
Life coaching was refreshing because it wasn't focused on what was wrong with me. Pradeepa helped me find what was right about me. To use simple techniques to enhance that. Find moments of peace. Be present in now, not focused on what was behind me.
It's also aided by her amazing, warm personality. I always feel like the only person in the room when we talk, no matter the setting. This made our sessions feel less like work and became something I looked forward to!" - Christopher M, Dallas, TX

Through my life coaching services, you can realize your true potential and discover the path to your life goals. I am your ally providing clarity to your future path. My coaching model helps you to focus on personal transformations. Self-awareness is achieved through regularly scheduled coaching sessions. I perform periodic evaluations and help channelize your mind into getting the answers necessary to achieve your life objectives.

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Fertility & Life Coaching

"This is your life and it has been waiting for you to discover it." Rhonda Bryne

 "I have known Pradeepa for a couple of years. We ran into each other at conferences and local events and she was always the burst of energy one needs. She mentioned about her life coaching offering. Since I am a coach myself, it was amazing how my gut reaction was to jump on the opportunity to be coached by her since I was sure about experiencing something amazing through this journey.
Not to mention, I was NOT left disappointed. The whole experience was amazing. She was a great listener and took the time to understand empathetically what I wanted to talk about. She asked really insightful questions and made me think about aspects of my life which I would otherwise have not paid attention to. We concluded each session with actions which allowed to put my learnings to practice and experience the impact of those actions on my life.  My coaching experience with Pradeepa have been a sheer pleasure and I highly recommend her for her coaching skills." - Nirmal M, Plano, TX